A+Z Design Studio, run by architect and production designer Attila F. Kovács and his art director and stylist wife, Zsuzsa Megyesi, became their own clients when they converted a four-story building that was once a weapons factory, into their home. Located in the southern part of Budapest, Hungary, Loft 19, their tower-like home, and the large factory complex date back to around 1913-1915 and have become protected industrial buildings.

When they bought the building, it was in ruins, with shattered windows and broken doors... no water, no electricity, no gas. The full restoration took two years and involved extensive reconstruction of several key parts. The design of the space incorporates a laid back, personal mix of different styles and eras, predominantly from the 50s and 60s. It is full of unique pieces, collected one-by-one over decades from flea markets and auctions or created by the designers themselves. All the while, the integrity of the original building remains; amongst the residual structural elements, old iron doors have been kept and original beams reused for book shelves.

"This is an island over the city, abandoned and peaceful environment with special aesthetics."

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Photos by Beppe Brancato

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