This little beauty arrived a week ago! Since last Tuesday, I wanted to take some photos but I couldn't find the time. So Saturday morning, the only day with no rain and with plenty of light I managed to do the shooting. Don't be harsh on the result, I don't have a good camera yet...

A few weeks ago, me and Spiros visited "Temporary Showroom" by Alketas Pazis, located in a factory from the 50's. The place is huge and as soon as we went in I was astonished by the extensive collection of mid-century modern as well as industrial furniture, lightning and decorative items. For me it was like a treasure vault and I could stay there all day just looking around! I wanted to buy everything... but after some thought I decided to take something useful, something that's missing from my home. So I ended up with the dresser and the black & orange vase as a little extra!

The black & orange vase is from our visit to "Temporary Sowroom".
Alketas thank you once again for that!
The glass vase is the one I bought from Gidlööf on our trip to Barcelona.
The copper cans I bought online from OEN. Each one is handcrafted in Japan by a set of craftsman at the SyuRo studio in Torigoe, Tokyo.

The book Truck Nest by Truck Furniture is a gift from Spiros, also from OEN. And on top of my copies of MidCentury Magazine is my dad's old "KIEV" camera, which unfortunately is not working.

More about Alketas Pazis you can find in this article of Yatzer.

All photos © Fotini Masika

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